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KuuB Concert: Maya Fridman

Cellist Maya Fridman is, because of her versatility and beautiful performances, musician-in-residence at Gaudeamus. This year she collaborates with composer Maxim Shalygin which will result in a new piece for cello solo: Canti d’inizio e fine. A momumental cycle of 7 songs for cello and voice with the theme of Birth, life and death that goes through the cycle as a red line.

Shalygin once said: “A musician on stage is similar to a person in deep meditation, who is capable of taking the listeners along on his sacred journey.” As Fridman studied his Canti d’inizio e fine, her attention is focused on experiencing time and sounds as they slowly undergo sublime transformations.

This concert season Gaudeamus brings you an intimate series of concerts in KuuB, a gallery annex mutifunctional space for art and culture in a picturesque old part (museumkwartier) of Utrecht. KuuB is a beautiful venue for contemporary art exhibits, but is also particularly suitable for unusual chamber music concerts devoted entirely to the newest music.

One free drink included.