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KuuB concert: Ode to Willem Pijper

This concert has already taken place. Click here for our current concert programme.

From September to December, various cultural institutions in Rotterdam pay attention to the composer and writer Willem Pijper (1894-1947). On this evening we join the celebration of this founder of Dutch modernism in Utrecht.

NB: Capacity is limited, so buy your tickets on time!

Willem Pijper was an integral part of Dutch musical life since 1917. His symphonic works – with the ink barely dried – were played by all major orchestras in the Netherlands, his chamber music was on music stands in Berlin, Vienna, Prague, London and Paris since the early 1920s. As a critic he wrote razor-sharp critiques and well-thought-out essays from the age of 22. For a whole generation of young musicians Pijper was a beacon – he was a born teacher – and for the general public he was the representative of new music.

For this evening, curator Lucija Gregov brought together composer Christine Cornwell with scenographer Natalia Sorzano, artist-researcher Nienke Terpsma (FGA magazine) and a trio of Marta Warelis (piano), Ada Rave (saxophone) and Nina Künzel (soprano). Together they plotted, prepared and perform the piece PIJP-dreams woven together are strong-ER, about which Cornwell says:

“What we make surrounds us, what we are surrounded with influences us, what we surround ourselves with becomes our home and this carefully balanced environment is changing every day until it is beyond control and beyond recognition. During Pijper’s time in Rotterdam much was lost and now we, the newcomers, bring our own surroundings to swirl in the river and between towers…”

Prior to the concert, from 16:15 to 18:00, there will be a public interview with the musicians and Pijper biographer Arthur van Dijk in the Theatre Room of University Utrecht at the Muntstraat 2A (just around the corner next to KuuB). Attendance is free!

Lucija Gregov - curator
Christine Cornwell - composition
Nienke Terpsma - research/podcast
Marta Warelis - piano
Ada Rave - saxophone
Nina Künzel - voice
Natalia Sorzano - scenography