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KuuB Concert: Rieteke Hölscher – Disturbing Lights

This concert has already taken place. Click here for our current concert programme.

Composer Rieteke Hölscher present the multidisciplinary work Disturbing Light in cooperation with graphic designer Marij Janssen. A dialogue between image and music, in which figures throw shadows on the wall accompanied by violin, piano and almost organic sounding electronic soundscapes. Dreamy, elusive, multiversal and sometimes indecisive: Disturbing Light takes the audience on an experience in image and sound in which time seems to have a will of its own.

Hölscher also plays the piece Omlijstingen (Frames) with ‘her’ Ensemble Cross Meeting: seven musical frames connected to an equal amout of eponymous series of paintings by Dutch visual artist Wim Janssen. Ensemble Cross Meeting was founded in 2015 for a cross-over project between painting and live music. The name refers to the meeting of the two art forms.

Ensemble Cross Meeting
Kirsti Apajalahti - violin
Joel Vega Salgado - hobo
Pau Marqués i Oleo - cello
Rieteke Hölscher - piano

Rieteke Hölscher - Disturbing Light
Rieteke Hölscher & Wim Janssen - Omlijstingen (Frames)