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KuuB Concert: Vincent van Amsterdam

This concert has already taken place. Click here for our current concert programme.

Vincent van Amsterdam is an extremely versatile accordionist and a major promoter of his instrument. He plays three new works, each with a strong character, but also with similarities. The works of composers Pinkham, Bisschops and Van Berkum lean towards minimal music. With gradual pattern and tone changes, a very harmonious sound world is created with sometimes biting accents.

In Far Field, Merijn Bisschops zooms in on a few tones and discovers every aspect of the sound colors. In Hush, composer Heather Pinkham is guided by a singer-like melody accompanied by a constant rhythm. In the new large-scale work for accordion solo, Christiaan Richter will set up a world that explores the diversity of sound and extreme possibilities of the instrument. He draws inspiration from, for example, the intensity of the play of jazz saxophonist John Coltrane, the radical purity of timbres of electronic music but also of industrial machines, and the counterpoint and comprehensive mastery of J.S. Bach works.


Daan Manneke - Tombeau pour Ton de Leeuw (1998/2017)
Bianca Bongers - Aardverschuivingen (2016)
Heather Pinkham - Hush (2018)
Merijn Bisschops - Far Field (2019)
Christiaan Richter - Afbuigingsjuk (2019)


Vincent van Amsterdam – Accordeon