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Festival / Concert

New European Ensemble – Stargazers

This concert has already taken place. Click here for our current concert programme.

The beating heart of Gaudeamus is the Gaudeamus Award. Four composers have been nominated this year for this coveted prize and their music can be heard during various concerts. In this concert the New European Ensemble will perform works by three of them – Jenny Beck, Annika Socolofsky and Matthew Ricketts – and by French composer Augustin Braud.

Matthew Ricketts’ approach to his music is strongly visually orientated. For his piece Unset he was inspired by light effects, shadows and shade. The colour tones and subtle nuances of the painting Star Gazing by the American expressionist Helen Frankenthalers, on the other hand, form the basis of Augustin Braud’s Stargazer. Jenny Beck also draws her inspiration mainly from non-musical sources, such as sounds of nature and breathing techniques. Her piece Long It Glows is unfathomable and meditative, whereas Annika Socolofsky’s ‘feminist rager lullaby’ Don’t say a word sends an unequivocally clear message: ‘Now it’s time for the women’s turn!’

WATCH: Annika Socolofsky – Don’t say a word

WATCH: Jenny Beck – Long It Glows

WATCH: Augustin Braud – Stargazers


Jenny Beck - Long It Glows
Annika Socolofsky - Don't say a word
Matthew Ricketts - Unset
Augustin Braud - Stargazer


New European Ensemble
Christie Finn - soprano


New European Ensemble