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New Makers New Music

This concert has already taken place. Click here for our current concert programme.

Every year during our Festival we present a selection of the best students who have just obtained their Master’s in composition from the conservatoires of Amsterdam, The Hague and Rotterdam. Not only do we hear their music, but by means of videos and interviews light is shed on different aspects of the selected graduates. An exciting, afternoon-filling showcase with works by young up-and-coming talent that is well on its way to conquering the world of new music!

Want to hear more new notes by the composers of the Dutch conservatories? The Lunchpauzeconcert and the Nieuwe Muziek op de Dom programme offers a variety of new compositions.

Download here the handout for this concert.

Photo © Anna van Kooij

Carmen Vanderveken
Boris Bezemer - for Cassandra
Nikos Galenianos - Grey earth, serpent
Timoteo Carbone - Sounds in an Abandoned Space
Aurelie Lierman - Kropka Na Ogonie & Soroka Fruwa
Vasileios Filippou - Pédales Étude


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