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Season / Concert

New Traditions #2

This concert has already taken place. Click here for our current concert programme.

During Gaudeamus New Traditions you will hear music traditions from all over the world come together in an adventurous and festive way. A continuing series of concert afternoons in Podium Hoge Woerd in collaboration with Gaudeamus – the Dutch organization for new sounds by young music pioneers.

Meral Polat Trio
The Meral Polat Trio of the famous singer/actress takes you on a meandering journey through Anatolian folk, Kurdish sounds and the roots of the blues. Earthy, desolate and soul-cutting. Joined by Meral’s own texts and poems from the poetic legacy of her father Ali Ihsan Polat, the trio embarks on a purifying quest. Old universal stories that take on new meaning today.

Meral Polat – voice / percussion
Chris Doyle – guitar / keys
Frank Rosaly – drums

Sabr Ensemble
Sabr is an ensemble founded by the Iranian composer Farid Sheek. Influences from the Western (contemporary) classical tradition and age-old Persian music find each other in an eclectic, melancholy yet hopeful sound. Sabr is Persian for ‘patience’, and the phrase ‘Sabr, sabr!’ is often used to calm and reassure people. In the same way, Sabr Ensemble’s composer Farid Sheek tries to bring hope and connection to the audience. The guiding principle is Farid’s motto: ‘With music you can tell a story that is larger than words.’

Mohsen Masoumi – voice
Doriene Marselje – harp
Maya Fridman – cello
Farid Sheek – percussion


Podium Hoge Woerd