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No-One Show (foto Marta Musial)

No-One Show – Jerzy Bielski

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How essential are human performers in these times of AI and online art? Can’t an algorithm just take over that role? And if so, how autonomously can a virtual performer operate in relation to its human programmer? Can he free himself and enter into a dialogue with his creator? Or even a dialogue with his own cloned self? And what happens to the audience?

Composer and theatre maker Jerzy Bielski, Gaudeamus Nieuwe Maker from 2017 to 2019, has for a few years now been pushing the boundaries between music, theatre, installations and performance art with his group Futurist Foundation. In No-One Show, developed in collaboration with Tatiana Rosa and Thomas Brand, even the performer disappears from the stage. This innovative interdisciplinary performance, ‘written’ partly by means of AI, explores the interchangeability of people and the hidden humanity in our interaction with technology.

PAY ATTENTION: There is a stroboscope light used in the film.


Jerzy Bielski - Concept, composition, text, performance
Tatiana Rosa - Audio, sound design, video programming
Thomas Brand - Director of photography, light design, film post-production
Karolina Maksimowicz - Costume
Marta Musial - Photos