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Paneldiscussie: The New Generation

Thanasis Deligiannis, Genevieve Murphy, Jerzy Bielski, Luke Deane

What do Thanasis Deligiannis, Jerzy Bielski, Luke Deane and Genevieve Murphy have in common? They are all at the beginning of their career, and last year all four started a two-year residency with a renowned institution (Deligiannis and Bielski with Gaudeamus, Deane with the Grachtenfestival and Murphy with NbProjects). Another common denominator is that they all studied composition but are now increasingly drawn towards music theatre.

In this round-table talk they will discuss their progress after completing one year of the residencies. What have they learned both artistically and professionally? They will share the best practices required to tackle a two-year project like this and will look ahead to the future and how they envisage their contribution to the field.