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Podcasts: Curious Ears

For newborn babies all sound is the same. Only later do we learn what out-of-tune notes are, what harmony is, what is in time and what is not. Later on, how should you listen to music that is at odds with what you are used to? In other time signatures, with different harmonies, different structures? In this series of podcasts made especially for Gaudeamus musicians from different cultures give a highly personal introduction to the music they are in love with. They let you hear music, take you with them into their listening experience, talk and sing.

New podcast by Peni Candra Rini

This month the multitalented composer, poet and vocalist Peni Candra Rini takes us on a musical journey parallel to her own artistic development, from the start of her career as a pesinden, a female singer in Indonesian gamelan tradition, to the most radical avant-garde in the island of Java. She has made many compositions for vocals, gamelan and karawitan, worked together with international artists and performed on stages and at festivals around the world.

Also watch the interview with Peni by our programmer Jonás Bisquert about the background and making of this podcast (see above).

Listen to the podcast on Spotify here.
Listen to the podcast on Apple Podcasts here.

Series of podcasts

In September 2020 Gaudeamus launched the first three podcasts during the festival. Palestinian singer Nai Barghouti offers a crash course in old and new music from the Arab world, and Colombian composer Eliana Echeverry introduces you to the richness of traditional Latin American music. Composer Joël Bons takes you to China, where in 1988 he met a group of totally unknown young composers – including Tan Dun and Guo Wenjing – who broke through internationally shortly after.

In March 2021 a new serie of Curious Ears podcasts kicked off starting with guitarist and composer Aart Strootman’s foray into different kinds of grooves and the bodily movement that music can create.

Aart Strootman – Hidden Pulse. Hearing Unplayed Grooves
Nai Barghouti – The magic of ornamentation: Appreciating and understanding Arabic Music
Joël Bons – A miraculous outburst of creativity: Chinese composers meet Nieuw Ensemble
Eliana Echeverry – Cumbia: listen to the rhythm from a Colombian river that enchants the American continent and beyond

Listen to the podcast on Spotify here.
Listen to the podcast on Apple Podcasts here.

Watch the interviews with the first three podcast makers at the launch of Curious Ears

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