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Rattling Rhythms #2 – Slagwerk Den Haag / Ensemble Klang

unusual percussion, music pioneers, fascination for sound

As ensemble-in-residence, Slagwerk Den Haag can be seen and heard on no fewer than three days of the Festival. In part two of this Rattling Rhythms series (part one is on 6 September) the focus is yet again on works composed by the 2018 Gaudeamus Award nominees.

The nominees received the commission to write a piece of between eight and ten minutes long. They could choose from two, three or four percussionists, and were told to learn as much as possible about the group’s identity. After a week of hard work, blood, sweat and tears, two of these pieces will be premiered this evening.

The Turkish composer Utku Asuroglu, who was nominated in 2015 and wrote a euphonius piece for Slagwerk Den Haag, is now also writing a new work for them. We look forward to this reunion.

In conclusion, Ensemble Klang will perform brim, veer by William Kuo, also a nominee.


Slagwerk Den Haag
Lawrence Dunn - new piece
William Dougherty - new piece
Utku Asuroglu - new piece

Ensemble Klang
William Kuo - brim, veer