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a stage event as sound / a sound as a stage event

The Greek National Opera and Gaudeamus joined forces to create a research platform on music theatre, under the artistic coordination of Thanasis Deligiannis. The inspiring pilot team that has been put together consists of artists from various backgrounds in the fields of music, theatre and dance. They have been working as a collective via online roundtables and live workshops since the beginning of 2016, focusing on borderline topics such as the music of speech.

During Gaudeamus Music Week the RE-FUSE team will share with the audience the highlights of its research. The presentation will have a hybrid format: an open discussion with the audience about their expectations and what music theatre can be, an on-the-spot tryout of devised staged scenes, an intersection of the artists’ priorities when they want to communicate something to us on stage. How to make a dialogue among all these disciplines? How to make the audience listen to what they watch and watch to what they listen to?

Photo © Thanasis Deligiannis

Tzeni Argyriou
Argyro Chioti
Thanasis Deligiannis
George Dumitriu
Pepe García
Richard Haynes
Els Mondelaers
Kieran Klaassen
Roelof Pothuis
Efthimis Theou
Bas Wiegers


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