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Festival / Minifestival

Gaudeamus Saturday Night 2021

This concert has already taken place. Click here for our current concert programme.

The Saturday Night is everything Gaudeamus stands for packed into one evening. With a single ticket you can stroll through the upper halls of TivoliVredenburg and beyond, admiring many genres and art forms. From psychedelic organ music and rowdy compositions to obstinate pop and experimental electronic music in surround sound.

The evening’s complete programme and timetable may be subject to last minute changes.

PAY ATTENTION: This year, because of corona measurements, it is not possible to walk in and out of concerts. This means you have to be in the concert hall when a show begins and you are requested to stay until the show ends.


19:00-19:45 Francesca Ajossa & Plastiklova @ Nicolaikerk
19:30-20:00 Laurga Agnusdei & Daniele Fabrici @ TivoliVredenburg – Pandora
20:00-0:00 The Well-Sorted Disklavier @ TivoliVredenburg – KF Hein Foyer
20:00-20:30 Guenter Råler @ TivoliVredenburg – Pandora
20:00-21:00 Black Page Orchestra @ TivoliVredenburg – Ronda
20:15-21:15 Kluster5 @ Theater Kikker
20:15-20:45 Shunyata @ TivoliVredenburg – Plein 6
20:30-21:00 Fedde ten Berge @ TivoliVredenburg – Pandora
20:45-21:30 Postland + Ben van Bueren @ TivoliVredenburg – Cloud 9
21:15-22:15 Stranded FM: Lunetten Shadow Banking + Loma Doom @ TivoliVredenburg – Pandora Foyer
21:15-22:00 Kaja Draksler Octet @ TivoliVredenburg – Hertz
21:30-22:00 Shunyata @ TivoliVredenburg – Plein 6
22:30-23:30 Khyam Allami @ TivoliVredenburg – Ronda
22:30-23:30 Genevieve Murphy @ TivoliVredenburg – Pandora
22:30-23:15 Anna voor de Wind & TivoliVredenburg – Cloud9
22:45-23:15 Liberation Through Hearing, Screen Dive @ TivoliVredenburg – Plein 6
0:00-0:45 Sabr Ensemble @ TivoliVredenburg – Cloud 9
0:00-0:45 Quatuor Bozzini @ TivoliVredenburg – Hertz
1:00-1:45 Niels Broos @ TivoliVredenburg – Ronda

Photo: Igor Ripak



Loma Doom

Loma Doom, a true radio veteran and beacon of twisted and mesmerising sounds. Whether you experience her musical activities or those relating to her contemporary arts practice, curiosity is a key aspect gracing Femke Dekker (real name). For the Gaudeamus festival, Loma Doom spent two days in the archives of Gaudeamus making her way through records, cassettes and cd’s. Looking for a theme, she browsed the archive for modern and contemporary female composers. As with so many archives the women represented in the collection are far outnumbered by their male peers. Fortunately invitations for archival research such as these, allow Dekker to project her interests in disclosing archives for sounds and visuals unheard. By bringing them to the attention of a wider audience, Dekker not only hopes to introduce new voices from the past but also create a dialogue on archiving itself. The working title for her performance is 'Improvisation with 9 women composers I had never heard of before’ and will comprise a sound collage DJ set that will fragmentarily highlight the works of some amazing composers.


  • TivoliVredenburg

    Vredenburgkade 11 3511 WC Utrecht