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Screen Dive: Blush House by Zygmund de Somogyi

This concert has already taken place. Click here for our current concert programme.

Screen Dive, our platform for interactive sound art pieces, is getting its 3rd round of new pieces and updates. Today, we premiere Blush House by the British-Filipino composer, artist, performer and curator  Zygmund de Somogyi.

Welcome to BLUSH HOUSE! An interactive space and virtual exhibition curated by ██████ Our grand opening features two interactive experiences by Zygmund de Somogyi and Mrudula Kuvalekar, dealing with shared creativity, interactivity, and consciousness. Come hang out in our art space, meet some of our patrons, and visit ou█████████████ And one more thing, before you go in: if you see any strange-looking leẗ̴̟t̷̪̟̏è̸̡r̶̩͈̐s̷̠̙͠ or jour̵̖̽̓na̴͚͗͛ls, please ignore them. T̴̛̼h̸̨̎ey̶̒̌͜ ̵̣̽a̷̬̝͝r̷͉̻͘e̸͔̤̊ a malfuncti██████