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Seminar Jonas Bisquert
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Seminar: Inspirations and opportunities in a cosmopolitan musical environment

This concert has already taken place. Click here for our current concert programme.

The time when you grew up as a composer in a clear-cut musical framework (mostly Western European), and were barely influenced by what was happening outside, is gone forever. The dividing line between “professional” and “amateur” music is also becoming increasingly unclear: there is often just as much inspiration to be found with musicians at a wedding or party as in the concert hall. You find your own musical identity more and more by feeding and enriching yourself with that of another.

Led by moderator and Gaudeamus programmer Jonás Bisquert, this seminar explores new challenges and opportunities in an ever-changing cosmopolitan world. During various lectures, table discussions and a panel made up of young makers, organisers, education specialists and musicians, moderator Bisquert guides us through various issues, hot topics and new trends.

The speakers and the participants at the seminar are all part of the rest of the festival programme: Nai Barghouti makes one of the Curious Ears podcasts; Amin Amel Ebrahimi wrote the Rumi Cycle for Zhabiz Hafizi and Arash Roozbehi; music by Frieda Gustavs and Nuno Lobo can be heard during the Lunch break concert and the Saturday Night Online; and Rafaele Andrade gives a workshop Designing a reprogrammable instrument on Saturday 12 and Sunday 13 September.

This seminar can be joined live by a select audience in TivoliVredenburg. Order your (free) ticket by clicking on the right side. The seminar will also be streamed live online. When you watch, you can make a donation according to a pay-as-you-like principle. For more information, check the tickets & info page.



Rafaele Andrade
Nuno Lobo
Frieda Gustavs
Amin Ebrahimi
Nai Barghouti