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HKU Students Programme

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Benedenfoyer & Bovenfoyer | continuous

Three students from the HKU Muziek and Technologie are joining Senses Working Overtime with a programme full of interactive and innovative installations. By questioning the relationship between sounds, space and body in the modern world, Alène Moor, Jasmina Avellanedas and Juriaan Gregor invite the audience to participate in the rediscovery of senses.  

In All the better to see, participants can hear their breathing and heartbeat and influence how sound is experienced in space, as if the environment becomes an extension of the body. Anima interacts with the audience using their moves as active input that will trigger movements and lights sequences in the artwork. Doorzicht is an audio-visual experience investigating the idea of tranquillity in daily life.

DOORZICHT - Alène Moor
ANIMA - Juriaan Grego
ALL THE BETTER TO SEE - Jasmina Avellanedas