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LAND(E)SCAPES 4 Redistribution of Wealth By Nature – Jan Fedinger / Standplaats Utrecht

This concert has already taken place. Click here for our current concert programme.

Het Huis Utrecht – Theaterzaal
12 :30 – 13 :15
Land[e]scapes is a series of compelling installations by lighting artist Jan Fedinger. Light plays the leading role in this series. In his work, Fedinger always tries to give the light a personality. By combining fog, sound and light he creates mystical ‘bodies’. He investigates the interface between human technology and nature, because, though they may seem poles apart, they have an undeniable influence on our daily lives. As a maker Fedinger is affiliated with Standplaats Utrecht (a body which develops talent among performing artists.)

PAY ATTENTION: This performance contains flashing lights that can be challenging for people with epilepsy.