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Vloeistof – Hersenvakantie

Part of Senses Working Overtime 2019 – Day 2

This concert has already taken place. Click here for our current concert programme.

Het Huis Utrecht – Tuin
12 :15 – 13 :00 | 14 :00 – 14 :45 | 16 :00 – 16 :45
Have you looked down yet today? At the ground you’re walking on? Although fertile soil is the basis of our existence, the average person pays little attention to it. The two dancers in Hersenvakantie (Brain Vacation) invite the audience to rediscover the earthly. In the inner garden of Het Huis Utrecht, they roll, crawl and slide across the ground. They smell, feel, taste the surface, experiencing the foundation supporting their existence. The dancers are musically framed by texts and sound clips transmitted to the audience through headphones. Brain Vacation is a sensory dance performance, an ode to our foundation.

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