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Synthesis is a musical experience where you experience the various connections between modern classical, electronic and pop music at unconventional locations in Utrecht.

Electronics in all its guises, that’s what the latest edition of Synthese is all about. At the industrial outdoor location Beton-T we go back to the basics of electronic music with Stockhausen’s intuitive work Aus den Sieben Tagen. Mathilde Nobel’s electronics and ZULI’s out-of-the-box set take us deeper and deeper into the genre. Finally, Guenter Råler and Garnett are ready to ring in the night.

Aus den Sieben Tagen
Aus den Sieben Tagen is a unique work from the oeuvre of the composer Karlheinz Stockhausen. This night, it is performed by Robin Rimbaud, better known as Scanner (live electronics), Gareth Davis (bass clarinet), Dario Calderone (double bass), Anne Gillot (flute) and Wybe de Haan (light). Unlike the composer’s strictly structured work, the musicians are now given the space to play more intuitively. In this way they create an immersive environment and invite the public to walk freely through the area.

Mathilde Nobel
Mathilde Nobel makes electronics with manipulated vocals. In 2020 she self-released her mini album May+Be, after which she signed with the Rotterdam label Nous’Klaer in 2022 for her debut. After previous shows on the Rotary Mill and Rewire, she will perform at Dekmantel this summer, among others.

Ahmed El Ghazoly, better known as ZULI, is a multi-instrumentalist, producer and DJ. His roots are in the dance and hip-hop scene of Cairo. He made his international breakthrough with releases on UIQ, Lee Gamble’s label. ZULI’s music has already been played by Aphex Twin, Autechre and Ben UFO. New music is on the way!

Guenter Råler
Guenter Råler is the alias of Irene Cassarini: producer, DJ, sound designer and visual artist from Italy. As a resident at Stranded FM, they present the show Sound Extremism, focusing on experimental music, ambient and deconstructed club. In addition, Guenter Råler is the founder and artistic director of Queer In Wonderland and one of the initiators of the new queer club night FLUID.

DJ and producer Garnett is originally from the United Kingdom. His music is known for sunny textures and typical UK sounds. Subtle hints to his Jamaican roots and influences of dub, UKG and 2-step complete his sets. Garnett is a resident at Stranded FM and was previously heard on Operator, among others.