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Diogo Carriço – Silhouette Nekropolis

This concert has already taken place. Click here for our current concert programme.

Posthuman pianist and audiovisual artist Diogo Carriço exists between the real, the virtual and the imaginary. His arms are the extension of the piano mechanism as much as his nerves are the extension of the circuits he uses. Incarnating the urgent balance between people, technology and nature, Diogo conceives sonic life forms that permeate asymmetries of media. The listener is immersed in fluid yet restless soundscapes and propelled to a continuous drift through dissolved colors and textures, that evoke a new empathy, oneness and attunement to nature. The artist will present the Live AV show that, ahead of its release, accompanies his debut album “Silhouette Nekropolis”, entailing a submersion in a coral reef’s dreamy yet confronting lifetime journey, as an intimate door to our own fragility.

Diogo Carriço - Piano, visuals and composition

Photo: Anisa Xhomaqi