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IN-SITU/CITY: Matteo Gualandi

This concert has already taken place. Click here for our current concert programme.

In-Situ/City is an ongoing project that focuses on the city as an ever-changing changing collection of historical, cultural, political, and social signifiers. For Gaudeamus 2022, four young makers (groups) were commissioned to create new work that reflects on this theme, with a special focus on the relationship between humans and non-humans.

What is a city? There are the places we can see and visit, but there are also those that live in our memory: vast landscapes of what was, or maybe has never been. Composer Matteo Gualandi brings an ode to memory as a physical space, in a ritual in which fragments of images appear as candles shivering in the dark, conveying half-faded emotions, glimpses of intimacy, and tenderness. Shards of a submerged collective memory far, and yet so close to us.

This concert is made possible with the support of ULYSSES Network and Creative Europe.