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Ensemble Resilience

This concert has already taken place. Click here for our current concert programme.

Gaudeamus is not merely a festival, but every year it also gives young composers the opportunity to write new work for prominent musicians and thus place themselves in the spotlight. In 2020, for example, we issued an open call for new work for the idiosyncratic Ensemble Resilience and the results will be heard at this concert. The composers must have received an exhilarating challenge from Resilience since the ensemble stands at the crossroads of innovation in music and technology. Its strength lies in the synergy of combining three traditionally classical acoustic instruments (violin, clarinet, and piano) with two recently invented electronic instruments: the Seaboard and the Mater, a percussion instrument made by members of the ensemble.

Photo: Fiorella Licandro


Francisco Uberto - Lucid dreams are part of my design (welcome to paradise)

Yang Song - Main dans la main

Bertram Wee - …as in a frenzy of dance halls

Javier Muñoz Bravo - Kulliñuwün

Utku Asuroglu -  Younan’s Journey