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Festival / Concert

Frieda Gustavs & Zephyr Brüggen: The Throat Manoeuvre

This concert has already taken place. Click here for our current concert programme.

The Throat Manoeuvre is a collaboration between composer Frieda Gustavs and director Zephyr Brüggen. This new music theatre work is a tribute to the human voice as the soul’s most profound mode of expression, and a search for the ultimate eloquence of song. The makers regard society as a musical score in which voices come together in a beautiful way, but on the other hand, also clash with each other. In The Throat Manoeuvre four performers, together with the audience, create a ritual in which they ask questions about how we want to live and communicate with each other and, ultimately, also how we want to sound with each other. One thing is clear: what one cannot speak about, one must sing about.

The Throat Manoeuvre is a production by De Diamantfabriek, a production house for contemporary music theater based in Amsterdam.

Frieda Gustavs - concept, composition, vocals, and acting
Zephyr Brüggen - concept, direction, vocals, and acting
Vera Morais - vocals and acting
Francesca Amado - vocals and acting
Sylvia Stoetzer - artistic and business director



De Diamantfabriek