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Luna (4+)

There is nothing as attractive as the moon. People from all countries and directions sing about her, attribute powers to her, honor her as a goddess, or look at the moon as a friend that always returns. How we would all like to pay a visit to the moon! In the wordless percussion performance Luna, for children from 4 to 6 and their (grand) parents, performer Yung-Tuan brings the moon closer to us for just a little while. In an inventive way, she creates her own moonscape using a big drum, and we finally discover what those dark spots on the moon mean, who crawls around there and what it is that rumbles and rustles so.

Luna is a performance developed and produced in Studio MAPA Nederland by the youth theatre group Frisse Oren.

Yung-Tuan Ku - percussion and play
Ide van Heiningen - coach