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SCREEN DIVE: Liberation Through Hearing (live)

Screen Dive, our online platform for interactive musical pieces, is bridging the gap between the online and offline world at Gaudeamus 2022 with a wide range of workshops, performances, jams and more.

Liberation Through Hearing is an interactive opera based on software architecture in 2-D computer games made by Dganit Elyakim and Shahar Sarig. An audio-visual, large-scale work that combines a dramatic story, taking place in digital media, with game-like elements. For Gaudeamus Festival 2022, Elyakim and Sarig will make a live version of the opera that integrates the player with the musical performers in an audio-visual event. Dganit Elyakim is a composer and artist, working across a broad spectrum of practices to depict various aspects of the human and digital paradigm. Shahar Sarig is a visual artist. His work depicts nonlinear storytelling embedded within the process of mythmaking.