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Festival / Multidisciplinary performance

Thanasis Deligiannis & I/O – ENA ENA

ENA ENA by music theatre maker Thanasis Deligiannis and his collective I/O is a hallucinatory, dreamlike recreation of a Greek nightclub from the 1980s. Several classics from the Greek klarina (clarinet) tradition can be heard in a microtonal amalgam. Waiters become singers. Nothing is what it seems. One of the maker’s profoundly personal memories unfolds into an ambiguous exploration of boundaries, memory and transformations.

ENA ENA means ‘one by one’ in Greek, but also stands for the intermediary: between man and woman, between child and adult, between spectator and participant. The work of Thanasis Deligiannis is also difficult to place. His performances contain elements of music theatre and performance art, whilst with his collective I/O he explores new technologies and interdisciplinary crossovers.

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