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Vulnus – Fors Seulement

This concert has already taken place. Click here for our current concert programme.

The three young artists Irene Sorozábal Moreno, Georgi Sztojanov and Manuel Sánchez Garcia will premiere Vulnus, with their new collective Fors Seulement.
Vulnus is all about the power of vulnerability.

Stripped of all finery, with only their voices and a recorder at their disposal, the musicians strive to make contact with the audience. There is nowhere for them to hide, not even behind some bulky instrument. Vulnus is an intimate and fragile performance, an unpretentious and honest quest for a deeper connection.

Irene Sorozábal Moreno – blokfluit/stem
Georgi Sztojanov – stem/compositie
Manuel Sánchez Garcia - compositie
Emese Csornai – decor ontwerp/dramaturgie