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We Cannot Sleep

This concert has already taken place. Click here for our current concert programme.

You may remember composer and director Luke Deane from the 2015 opera production 3 Cars, in which radio-controlled cars played the leading role in a tragic love story. An exceptional production, which with this unusual combination managed to surprise fans and critics alike, and made a big impression on the audience during Gaudeamus Muziekweek 2015.

And now we have Luke Deane’s newest creation: We Cannot Sleep. A trail-blazing production that by means of virtual reality immerses the audience in the world of opera. We Cannot Sleep is about a unique relationship between a lady and a young girl who appears in her dreams. As time passes they grow ever fonder of each other, until the true identity of the young girl is revealed. From then on their virtual friendship is at odds with reality, and relations become strained.

During the opera you are provided with VR glasses. Are you ready for your very first Virtual Reality opera?

Photo © Jeroen C. van Zijp

Luke Deane

Fiona Robertson - violin
Evgeniya Peschanskaya - viola
Maya Fridman - cello
Benjamin de Boer - double bass
Konstantyn Napolov - percussion
Ekaterina Levental - vocals


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