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While we are Both – Insomnio

Gaudeamus Muziekweek 2018, guitar, nominated work, wonderment

No edition of Gaudeamus Muziekweek would be complete without ensemble Insomnio, based in Utrecht. In the Hertz hall, their ‘home base’, the ensemble opens the Festival Saturday.

In confluence/divergence by Sebastian Hilli, Gaudeamus Award nominee, the acoustic guitar is given a complex solo role, which Insomnio guitarist Nelleke Ter Berg will be getting her teeth into. Lasting nearly half an hour, Hilli’s piece accounts for the lion’s share of the programme.

Thanks to her work Intaglio, the young South Korean Eun-Ji Anna Lee’s breakthrough came during the 2016 Wittener Tagen für neue Kammermusik. With this trio work she forms a bridge, as it were, between Hilli’s work and that of Lawrence Dunn, another Gaudeamus Award nominee. In Dunn’s While we are both for soprano and tape are traces of lightness, even innocence. Dunn’s universe is a nice place to be, with enough room for amazement.

Photo © Herre Vermeer

Insomnio conducted by Ulrich Pöhl

Sebastian Hilli - confluence/divergence
Eun-Ji Anna Lee - Intaglio
Stylianos Dimou - ...
Lawrence Dunn - While we are both
Bart de Vrees - For flute or piano or mandolin or percussion or bassoon or guitar or violin or harp or clarinet  or..........