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Festival / Concert

Zöllner-Roche Duo – Silience

This concert has already taken place. Click here for our current concert programme.

The beating heart of Gaudeamus is the Gaudeamus Award. Four composers have been nominated this year for this coveted prize and their music can be heard during various concerts. They have also written brand-new music especially for the festival. This concert features the music that Annika Socolofsky and Matthew Ricketts wrote for accordion/clarinet duo Zöllner-Roche.

‘Silience’ is a word coined by writer John Koening for everyday, unnoticed excellence. Award-nominated Annika Socolofsky used the word as the starting point for her piece The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows: silience, an ode to the powerful way in which her fellow citizens of Boulder, Colorado responded to the shooting of March 22, 2021. Lucent by Award nominee Matthew Ricketts is a glowing, almost luminescent piece that sets poet Joshua Clover’s poetry to music without using the lyrics literally. Also two pieces by Elnaz Seyedi and Johan Svensson.

Paweł Malinowski — Paradise Blue [we’d never be apart]
There is a promise of better reality in the delicate shades of blue used by airlines, motor companies, and leisure resorts. I was thinking about the jet-era, which started, as pointed Vanessa R. Schwarz: „a new kind of experience: going far, fast, while seeming to go nowhere at all.“ While looking at the archival material from that time, I was feeling the dreamlike optimism and belief in progress and technology. Now, it seems like an entirely imaginary realm, which is realised in the piece through the keyboard and amplified surface between Eva and Heather. The simplest, naive actions performed together could become rituals against the capitalist realism void.


Annika Socolofsky - The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows: Silience
Matthew Ricketts - Lucent
Pawel Malinowski - Paradise Blue [we’d never be apart] (in collaboration with Adam Mickiewicz Institute)
Elnaz Seyedi - Nach Neuen Meeren
Johan Svensson - double dubbing (firefly song)


Heather Roche - clarinet
Eva Zöllner - accordion


Adam Mickiewicz Institute