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Gaudeamus '22

9 mini festival with new music curious people


Want to visit as many concerts as possible and five days of tasting the newest music? Order our passe-partout! With this passe-partout you get access to every concert.


ONLINE TICKET SALE Tickets can only be bought online, via, up to an hour before the concert starts. It is not required to make an account anymore to buy tickets via our webshop: it is sufficient to only enter your e-mail address. Your data will be saved, so if you enter additional data (such as for example your postal address because you wish to receive mail via post from us), you do not have to do so again next time, your data will be connected to your e-mail address.

E-TICKETS Tickets will be send to your e-mail address as e-tickets. Show your tickets on arrival the concert: this can be done from your phone, you do not have to print them out.

FESTIVALDESK AND ACCESS You will have to exchange this e-ticket at the festival (on the day itself) for a wristband at the festival desk. This will give you access to all the concerts are part of the tickets you bought. Rooms with a limited capacity ca be full, though, so be on time.

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