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Award Ensembles 2020: VONK and Zöllner-Roche

In the upcoming Gaudeamus Muziekweek 2020 (9-13 September) Ensemble VONK and the Zöllner-Roche Duo are our Award Ensembles. During the festival they will play brand new commissions by the four nominees of the Gaudeamus Award. Pieces that the young composers will write in close collaboration with the Award Ensembles.

Zöllner-Roche will work with Annika Socolofsky en Matthew Ricketts. Music pioneers Gen Tanaka and Jenny Beck will work with Ensemble VONK.

Ensemble VONK
The beguiling Ensemble VONK merges saxophone, clarinet, percussion and soprano in an innovative blend. Four musicians and a composer cooperate to create new productions. Openminded and boundary-breaking, the ensemble has built up a new repertoire since its founding in 2015. The interaction between composer and musicians provides both the creative process as well as the joy of performing a great deal of energy. In March 2019 VONK presented their first album Whose arm is that?

Zöllner-Roche Duo
Clarinettist Heather Roche and accordionist Eva Zöllner are two of contemporary music’s most versatile and  adaptable voices. Known for their independent travels in experimental performance and extended techniques,  the duo come together in concerts of constantly changing aesthetics and approaches. Adventurous music-making, creative risk-taking and innovation characterize their work. In cooperation with composers from different parts of the world they create a new and exciting repertoire and bring it to the stage.