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Composers speak up against the war in Ukraine

Anna Korsun (UA):

First I wanted to record a video message. I was waiting for the right moment, when I would look less tearful and sick. I don’t want my family to see me in this state because I have to be strong for them.

From February 24, I felt hitherto unknown sensations to me: a pain, squeezing from the inside, paralyzing, not letting go even while sleeping. Since February 24, I and many other people have been living with such constant pain – both those who are situated directly in the middle of hostilities, and their relatives, who are at a distance without knowing what is going on.

This is a tragedy for all mankind, which shows that we do not learn from mistakes, that absolute evil exists not only in movies, that there is incredible cruelty and bloodthirstiness – not only Putin’s as “the main character”, but also his slaves: soldiers who directly shell the civilians, as well as those residents of Russia who are now savoring this war, without the slightest sympathy, without any humanity. I speak about from the perspective of a person, who is directly affected by this tragedy: on the one hand I have family, friends and many acquaintances from whom I learn about the situation in Ukraine. On the other hand, I have a lot of acquaintances in Russia. Fortunately, most of people whom I know personally are friends who hate the Putin’s regime, but it seems that the majority of the Russian population supports the war, and this is terrifying.

The photos and videos which were pictured during war in Ukraine that we see on the Internet are horrifying, but believe me, it’s even scarier to read messages from eyewitnesses who write such SOS-messages: “little children are sitting in the basement, their parents died due to a rocket hit in the house”, “a little boy with a head wound urgently needs medicines, his mother was killed”, “78 children orphaned during the war are being taken from Kharkiv to the border, but volonteers do not know what to do with them”, “2 bodies are lying on the street – these are my parents”.

Meanwhile, the world forbids pianists from Russia participating in competitions. Understand that not everyone in Russia supports the Putin regime and boycotting all people from Russia will not help us, but will only increase the general chaos and grief. Don’t forget that many of us have families that include both Russians and Ukrainians. Our family is one such example.

Today I learned that the area where my aunt lives with her 10-year-old son is surrounded by snipers who shoot at civilians. We have no contact with them and we don’t know if they are alive.

I personally don’t know, how to come back to normal life after all this.

Rieteke Hölscher (NL):

Sergey Khismatov (RU):

Last night my wife and I couldn’t sleep. We watched the live camera stream of how the occupying forces from Russia were shelling the nuclear power plant in Energodar. This shows us how far Russia’s criminal regime can go. And the nuclear threat that the Kremlin is talking about no longer looks like a bluff.

The task of humanity is to stop Hitler from Russia. Stop this war.

For more than 20 years, Russian society has been under the strongest propaganda, which can be compared with the propaganda in Nazi Germany. The excuse by Hitler during the occupation of the Czech Republic was the protection of the German population there. And we know what happened next. The excuse for starting a war with Ukraine was the protection of the Russian population in Ukraine. But in fact it is a criminal war that claims the lives of civilians.

I have many friends in Russia who do not support this war. I have many friends in Ukraine who are suffering from this war. Part of my family is in St. Petersburg, and the other part is near Kyiv.

For three days there has been no connection with my wife’s aunt, who is near Kiev with her husband and a ten-year-old child. We don’t know if they are alive. Volunteers cannot come in this area, because the situation there is very dangerous, invaders even shoot at volunteers.

We all see how Russian troops shell houses and civilians. This is crime.

I would like to repeat again. Now the main task of the whole world is to stop the war. Stop the Kremlin Hitler in order to avoid the death of humanity.

Русский военный корабль – иди нахуй!
Слава Украине!


Jerzy Bielski (PL):

Riccardo Fortunato (DE/IT):

I sincerely wish to express my solidarity and utmost support for the people of Ucraine, who are suffering heavily under the attacks instructed by the Russian government. My prayers are with the people and families affected by the war on both sides.

Having visited both countries fairly recently, I have found a love for their cultures, traditions and peoples, which up to this day inspire me not only musically. That’s why I feel a particular grief seeing that these two nations are engaged in a war amongst brothers.

At the same time, I highly respect the humanity expressed by the people helping each other in a time of need and despair. I applaud especially the Russians, who stand up against this unwanted war, knowing that they might end up in jail for doing so.

This war has to stop now and I pray that we may find piece again soon, living hand in hand as Europeans.


Farid Sheek (IR):