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Gaudeamus Academy 2022

During the five days of Gaudeamus Festival 2022, there will be numerous lectures, workshops, and master classes in which students, musicians, composers, and anyone interested, can study matters in depth. All events in the Gaudeamus Academy can be attended free of charge.

Seminar: Corporeality in Music
Wednesday 7 September 9:45 – 13:00 Parnassos

More and more musicians and composers are trying in their music to find a path away from the mind and towards corporeality. In cooperation with Utrecht University, the festival starts on Wednesday morning with a seminar on the physical aspects of music. Including Gaudeamus Award-nominees Bethany Younge and Rohan Chander, and Maya Felixbrodt, one of the founders of movevement and sound research collective Moving Strings. The morning will be hosted by composer, teacher, and Gaudeamus programmer Jonás Bisquert.

Check for more information on the seminar.

Do you want to join the seminar? Send an e-mail with the subject ‘Seminar Gaudeamus 2022’ to

Partner: Utrecht University

TRANSFORMATION: Compositional techniques and analogue/digital electronics setup
Wednesday 7 September 14:00 – 16:00 HKU Music & Technology

For more than ten years, Aurélio Edler-Copes has been developing electronic systems that fuse analogue and digital devices. Focusing on the ‘electrification’ of acoustic instruments and connecting them with effect pedals as well as live digital electronics setups, the based in Paris- Brazilian composer, has developed a remarkable path and his own compositional language. Transformation is a work created in close collaboration with cellist Katharina Gross, who commissioned this full-featured project, and will be premiered at Gaudeamus Festival 2022. In this workshop, Edler-Copes will present the concepts and compositional techniques of his recent works and of Transformation, and will present his electronics setups with the participation of Katharina Gross, who will play several examples and allow the participants to closely observe and experience the result of these setups.

Do you want to join the workshop? Send an e-mail with the subject ‘Workshop Transformation Gaudeamus 2022’ to

Aurélio Edler-Copes: composition
Katharina Gross: cello

Partners: HKU Music & Technology

Workshop solo bagpipe – Erwan Keravec
Wednesdag 7 September 17:00 – 19:00 Muziekhuis Utrecht – Studio 1

The idiosyncratic Breton musician Erwan Keravec gives the bagpipe a new face (and sound!). Averse to tradition, he eagerly collaborates with contemporary composers, dance companies and improvisers. At the beginning of 2022, we launched an open call for young composers to submit work for Keravec, for which four composers were selected: Nicholas Morris, Ho-Chi So, Angela de Weijer and Esther Wu. In this public session, Keravec gets to work with their sketches for the first time. Their works will eventually premiere during a concert by Keravec at Gaudeamus Festival 2023.

Meet Fonema Consort – Creating and Running a New Music Ensemble
Friday 9 September 11:00 – 12:00 Muziekhuis Utrecht – zaal

In this workshop, the leaders of Fonema Consort, a new music ensemble based in Chicago and NYC, share their experiences over the past ten years developing the Fonema Consort project. Participants will hear about the group’s history, from its inception to its materialization, as well as its ambitions for the coming decade. Aspects of vision and mission, challenges, rewards and strategies are discussed. Participants will have the opportunity to brainstorm about their own ensemble projects and to receive collective feedback.

CYBORG SOLOISTS – Workshop Zubin Kanga & Neil Luck
Friday 9 September 14:00 – 16:00 HKU Music & Technology

‘Cyborg Pianist’ Zubin Kanga is at the forefront of attempts to integrate (classical) music and technology. During Gaudeamus Festival 2022 he will premiere a new multimedia work by composer Neil Luck for piano, video, electronics and the so-called MiMU sensor glove, which allows Kanga to trigger live electronics and visuals, using techniques that have parallels with the way audiences with visual and hearing impairments interact with multimedia environments. During this workshop Kanga and Luck will dig deeper into the particulars of this technique.

Do you want to join the workshop? Send an e-mail with the subject ‘Workshop Cyborg Soloists Gaudeamus 2022 to

Partners: HKU Music & Technology

(Ceremony Nieuw Geneco Fair Practice Award 2022
The Nieuw Geneco Fair Practice Award 2022 will be rescheduled to Saturday 15 October 12.00 – 15.00 in Amare, followed by Festival Dag in de Branding.)

Lecture virtual concert series The Saga of Sage – The workshop has been canceled due to the train strike. We are looking for a new date.
Composer Robin Coops and VR-evangelist Avinash Changa are developing The Saga of Sage. A virtual concert series in which users travel in a VR environment with the character Sage in search of his home planet: on every planet he visits, a performance by new (guest) musicians follows. In this talk and demo, Coops and Changa invite you to travel with them through the Metaverse, explore the possibilities of the medium, show the worlds they have built and share insights on how you can become part of The Saga of Sage.

Workshop knurl – Rafaele Andrade
Sunday 11 September 14:00 – 17:00 Muziekhuis Utrecht – Studio 1

When cellist Rafaele Andrade tried to integrate technology into her cello playing, she was so dissatisfied with the possibilities and flexibilities of existing systems that she ended up designing a brand-new instrument: the knurl. An electro-acoustic cello that allows musicians to manipulate sounds live in the moment. Now she is taking it a step further by setting up the Knurl Quartet: a year-long residency in which three cellists will develop a performance that will feature at Gaudeamus 2023. In this public session, she will meet the selected cellists for the first time and together they will explore the possibilities of the knurl. You can be an audience to this workshop.

Partner: iii, Rewire