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Gaudeamus Muziekweek 2020 in a new format

Gaudeamus Muziekweek is going ahead, but in a different guise. From 9 to 13 September we will present innovative music and performances that represent a creative approach to the current era of social distancing and staying at home. Not a festival full of concerts such as our regular audiences would expect from us, but adventurous and imaginative answers to the question of how live music can be experienced in these restrictive times. We have after all spent the last 75 years in search of the music that will land tomorrow.

Stichting Gaudeamus was founded in 1945, and every year since then has seen an edition of Muziekweek in which new music pioneers have been presented. This year we are celebrating our 75th anniversary, and now for the first time without an extensive programme of concerts ‘in the flesh’. Instead, we are commissioning young makers to create brand-new works especially for today: multidisciplinary performances for the living room, podcasts, walking concerts in the open air and beautiful spots in the city, lectures and networking moments. Behind the scenes we are working hard on an extraordinary programme in which we do look back now and again (after all, it is still our anniversary year), but above all into the future.

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