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Gaudeamus works together with De Tussenvoorziening

Gaudeamus is committed to helping to create a cultural sector that is inclusive. That is why we are starting a collaboration with Atelier Spat and de Maatjes, two initiatives of De Tussenvoorziening. De Tussenvoorziening is an organisation that offers help to the most vulnerable people in society. They help the homeless people in the city of Utrecht and in the region and offer shelter and a home. Gaudeamus organizes a festival visit together with De Tussenvoorziening, so that this vulnerable group of people can also enjoy art and culture.

Atelier Spat
Atelier Spat is a studio space where talented artists with a background in psychiatry and/or a homeless past. It is a unique place where  people can regain confidence in their own talents and can come out with their art. At Atelier Spat people work with a vulnerability and at the same time a great creative force.

Atelier Spat has become a home base for people in a vulnerable situation where people help each other to be themselves. This safety net prevents people from falling back into a bad situation. So not only are people encouraged to further develop their talents, but self-reliance is also increased.

Maatjes is for people with a psychiatric or homeless background who need a contacts. A participant who would like to have a buddy, is linked to a volunteer who wants to become a buddy. A buddy couple undertakes fun activities together where socializing is paramount. Think of drinking a cup of coffee together or a visit to a museum or cinema.

Armoedecoalitie Utrecht
Gaudeamus has also been working with the Armoedecoalitie Utrecht since last year. With the ‘Give a Grant’ project, Gaudeamus asks their audience to buy a ticket for someone who does not have the financial means to buy a ticket themselves. Together with the Armoedecoalitie Utrecht, we ensure that the tickets ends up well.