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More grants news for Gaudeamus 2021

All our plans for Gaudeamus 2021 are becoming more and more concrete. Fortunately we are supported by several funds. This week Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds awarded us a grant of 25,000 euro of which 10,000 euro comes from the Reinbert de Leeuw Fonds, administered by them and is intended for a number of specific productions. We are grateful to both funds for awarding these grants. To Gaudeamus it means that the festival obtains a solid financial foundation, in these times even more crucial. The festival takes place from 8 until 12 September this year.

The Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds supports many different projects in the areas of culture, nature and science in the Netherlands. Gaudeamus has a longstanding connection going back to the early 70s with legendary pianist, composer and conductor Reinbert de Leeuw, who passed away last year. The fund in his name primarily supports special productions in the field of contemporary composed music and works that contribute to building new repertoire, an objective that is also close to Gaudeamus’s heart.