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New talent into the limelight

As in previous years Gaudeamus gave space to young talented composers and musicians in 2020 to further develop themselves and to offer them a stage, network and location for research. Gaudeamus commissioned various new compositions and the members of BUI were associated with the organization for an extended period of time through a residency. To enable these programmes for talent development, Gaudeamus works together closely with the Performing Arts Fund NL and the European Ulysses network.

BUI ensemble-in-residence
In 2020/2021 BUI (Utrecht Platform for Improvised Arts) is ensemble-in-residence. Their magical Walking Concert, one of the past Music Week’s highlights, was captured in a short documentary that premiered at the beginning of this month. In the next few months up until the festival in September, the members of BUI will also regularly present themselves with more work.

New commissioned works
Genevieve Murphy and Amin Amel Ebrahimi were among the composers who made new work that was performed by Diamanda Dramm and Jabiz Hafizi & Arash Roozbehi respectively. Also, twelve talents selected by Maya Felixbrodt and Luke Deane, delivered a work for Screen Dive, an interactive online sound garden. In addition Alberto Granados Reguilón and Tak Cheung Hui made new works for Senses Working Overtime and Christian Smith was asked to make a mix of sound recordings of previous Music Weeks for Mixing The Archive – 75 Years Gaudeamus.

Read more about the talents who got to work in cooperation with Gaudeamus in the past year.

(Photo Anna van Kooij)