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Statement on Gaza

The victims in the war between Israel and Hamas are in our thoughts, as well as those who are fearing for their lives right now in Gaza. In particular, we think of all the brave artists who have told stories of connection in recent years, made art about working through intergenerational trauma, and tried to convey its complex history and its impact to a broader audience. After October 7, it seems all in vain, and all prospects for a peaceful solution seem to be out of sight.

We therefore condemn the violence of Israel and Hamas and join a broader movement of organizations calling for a ceasefire and a political solution. Because if history has shown anything, it is that violence breeds more violence.

While Israel’s dead have names, the dead Palestinians are spoken of in numbers. But it won’t be long before they become percentages. At the time of writing, we are approaching the point where 0.5% of Gazans have died and almost 1.3% have been injured, in less than a month.

The violence must stop now, and in particular, Western leaders’ support for Israel’s disproportionate actions, and thus possible war crimes, must be withdrawn immediately. That is why Gaudeamus joins the call from PAX and Amnesty International for a ceasefire.

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