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We Cannot Sleep

We cannot sleep is a groundbreaking production that immerses the public in the world of opera with virtual reality. Are you ready for your first VR opera?


Konstantyn Napolov plays Droplets, a cycle of four parts in which one percussionist produces a dynamic polyphony of periodic rhythms.

New Makers New Music

An afternoon filling showcase with works by young, recently graduated composition master students who are working hard to take over the world of new music!

5×4 saxophones

The Keuris Quartet presents works by three young composers, who have been selected from an open call for Dutch composers between 10 and 35 years old.

Ballet Mécanique

During the finale concert of the Gaudeamus Muziekweek 2017 Insomnio plays Antheil’s Ballet Mécanique, in which human and machine are united.

Close Call

Arthur Wagenaar’s new music performance is about the impact of the smartphone. Wie do you follow? And who follows you? Experience it during Close Call!

The Games we Play

The Edge Ensemble of the American composer Brendan Faegre pays an hommage to the game during their performance.

De Deense Detective

De Deense Detective is a live radio play, consisting of seven episodes. During Gaudeamus Muziekweek you can binge watch all of them!

Afterness in the Music of 3 Young Composers

During this talk Tim Rutherford-Johnson explores the concept ‘afterness’, to show how composers started dealing with the past after the Cold War.