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Gaudeamus Festival 2022 invites visitors to become composers

Thursday 30 Jun 2022 — 70 artists already announced for the festival in September

On the website of Gaudeamus Festival 2022, everyone, with or without any experience, can get acquainted with what it is like to compose. With an easy-to-use online tool visitors can create a mini-composition and upload it. In the coming months, posters and videos will be made of the result for the promotional campaign of the festival. Gaudeamus Festival 2022 takes place from Wednesday 7 to Sunday 11 September at various locations in Utrecht. 70 artists involved in the packed programme have already been announced.

Gaudeamus Festival 2022 presents new music for inquisitive people. Music by young makers who don’t care about genres, disciplines or other categories. Creative people who with an open mind investigate how music could sound and look on a stage in the year 2022. So the composition tool on the homepage immediately puts the visitor in the right frame of mind for the festival, by showing how much fun it can be to experiment with sound, and how much music is interwoven with colour, movement and form.

Diverse and eclectic
Gaudeamus Festival 2022 reflects this spirit of experimentation with a diverse, colourful and eclectic programme of concerts, multidisciplinary performances, sound installations and more. Prominent artists from the international experimental electronica scene such as Jessica Ekomane, Rojin Sharafi, Circuit des Yeux and Princess Diana of Wales stand alongside young musicians such as harpist Michela Amici, cellist Maya Fridman, pianist Zubin Kanga and the Spaceship Ensemble, who inject the world of contemporary composed music with theatricality, electronics and a lot of enthusiasm. The Indian master of intricate rhythmics B.C. Manjunath plays two contrasting concerts with the New European Ensemble, and the British Riot Ensemble plays intimate concerts in the former Pieter Baan Centre. A Breton bagpipe quartet (Sonneurs), a Baroque quartet (Castello Consort), a music theatre performance for stones (Espen Hjort & Mees Borgman) and a free jazz duo (Asher Gamedze & Xristian Espinoza): within Gaudeamus it all fits together.

Pop festival formula
The format of Gaudeamus Festival 2022 is different from previous years. All the concerts are bundled together in parts of the day, for which the visitor buys 1 ticket. This allows music lovers to attend a wide range of concerts, each time concentrated in a different area of the centre of Utrecht. For several years now Gaudeamus has applied this formula to the popular Saturday Night programme, and it is now the basis for the entire festival. This makes Gaudeamus the first contemporary composed music festival to embrace this pop festival formula.

Young composers encouraged
A recurring theme in the programme is the work of five young composers who have been nominated for the Gaudeamus Award. This incentive prize for young composers has been awarded annually since 1957, and has already given an early boost to the careers of Louis Andriessen, Pauline Oliveros, Unsuk Chin, Michel van der Aa and Yannis Kyriakides. This year’s nominees are Alex Paxton, Bethany Younge, Bekah Simms, Rohan Chander and Baldwin Giang. Performances of various works by these five composers will be spread throughout the festival, alongside brand-new music they have written especially for this occasion.

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