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Gaudeamus presents a multidisciplinary music festival full surprises

Unique combinations of sound, image, dance, design, fashion, live electronics and performance during Gaudeamus Muziekweek 2019.

Wednesday 3 Jul 2019 — From 4 to 8 September new music lovers can be surprised by unheard sounds during the annual Gaudeamus music festival in Utrecht. In collaboration with more partners than ever, including Centraal Museum, Stranded FM, Synthese and the Amsterdam Grachtenfestival, a unique festival programme is presented with which Gaudeamus manages to appeal to a new audience with cutting edge performances by young artists.

The festival Gaudeamus Muziekweek opens on September 4 with the premiere of W.A.L.L by music pioneer Aart Strootman. Winning the Gaudeamus Award in 2017, meant he received a commission to write a brand new work. This results in a visually overwhelming piece, for instruments especially built for this occasion by Strootman himself, performed by members of Slagwerk Den Haag and the quirky trio TEMKO. Before the concert, there will be a preview of the documentary about Aart Strootman, by filmmaker Dries Alkemade, where the audience is given a unique insight into the working process of this young music pioneer who on the verge of his (international) breakthrough.
Gaudeamus scouts young talent world wide, multidisciplinary music pioneers who are inspired by variousart forms and do not feel limited by exisiting musical styles. Gaudeamus Muziekweek is an innovative hotspot for the newest sounds, offering a programme of contemporary music that is more accessible for new audiences than ever.

Innovative artists explore the area between hearing, feeling, tasting and imagination during Senses Working Overtime, a two-day sound art exhibition at Het Huis Utrecht with perfomative installations and sensory performances. Including a concert in the dark, musical toy mazes and a workshop Training the Senses with composers Aart Strootman and Genevieve Murphy.
During Gaudeamus Saturday Night, composers become pop singers and contemporary chanteuses turn into 10-member ensembles. The mini festival is like a musical patchwork in which tradition and innovation are woven together. Louis Andriessen’s Hoketus from 1977 stands side-by-side with modern avant-garde percussionists such as Eli Keszler. A fully packed program in and around the various halls of TivoliVredenburg will pay a tribute to new experimental music in all its forms. With artists and ensembles including Luwten, Bec Plexus, Ensemble Klang, and many others.
Audience that would like to know how to listen to new music can join the lecture by Pianist Saskia Lankhoorn and composer Brechtje van Dijk on Friday 6 September. They discuss the most recent contemporary music, but will also deal with iconical 20th-century classics. Admission is free. This lecture is an ideal introduction to a festival like Gaudeamus!

More info & tickets
Go to the Gaudeamus website for a playlist featuring new music by young music pioneers presented during Gaudeamus Muziekweek. The full festival programme is now online:

About Gaudeamus
In 1945 a concert organised in a villa called “Gaudeamus” marks the unofficial start of the Gaudeamus Foundation. Since then, Gaudeamus has developed as an innovative hotspot for new music. Gaudeamus will be 75 in 2020. And that will be celebrated in a big way with special concerts and activities. Keep an eye on the website for more information.


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