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NIME Concert: Explorative NIME

Gelijktijdig met Gaudeamus Festival 2024 vindt de mede door ons georganiseerde conferentie NIME (New Interfaces for Musical Expression) plaats, waarin instrumentenuitvinders en muziektechnologie-ontwikkelaars een week lang presentaties geven. Bij diverse concerten en keynotes van NIME ben je ook welkom met een passe-partout of dagkaart van Gaudeamus.

New instruments and interfaces that are explored for their sonic and interactive affordances. The evening concludes with a jam-sessions combining ‘old’ and new NIMEs.

Koray Tahiroğlu – COMMUNAL
The piece Communal, is a composition written for the AI-terity instrument, idiomatically reflecting the autonomous features of its audio synthesis module. AI-terity instrument is one of the outcomes of research on digital musical instruments, it is a non-rigid musical instrument and comprises an artificial intelligence (AI) method for generating audio samples for real-time sound synthesis.

Gaël Stéfan Moriceau – Study for T-Stick and Granulation
This performance offers an exploration of sound synthesis and instrumental gestures using the T-Stick, a well-established gestural controller. Mapped to a granulation-based sound engine developed in the SuperCollider environment, the T-Stick transforms into a digital musical instrument (DMI), enabling the performer to shape sounds in real-time.

Oliver Kwapis – Lucky
Lucky is a 4-channel, data-driven, electro-acoustic composition for Wacom Tablet and Kyma. In addition to its extra-musical program, Lucky explores the musical and expressive capabilities of the Wacom Tablet, a repurposed instrument originally created as a drawing surface for digital illustrators, animators, and photographers.

Joseph Gascho & Julie Zhu – Fulgura Frango: A Composition for Extended Harpsichord
fulgura frango is a composition for extended harpsichord and electronics. It is conceptually inspired by Élisabeth Jacquet de La Guerre’s opera Céphale et Procris, and many of its techniques refer to Cephale’s bow and arrow that mistakenly pierced Procris’s unwavering heart.

Curated session
New and ‘older’ NIMEs meet each other in this curated Jam Session led by Palle Dahlstedt. Many NIME concerts are solos or very small ensembles. How do these instruments and their performers perform when meeting musically?