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Club Fluxus: Ensemble Resilience

Ensemble Resillience


The international Ensemble Resilience explores new sound possibilities in contemporary classical music. The unique line-up combines three of the most elegant and expressive traditional acoustic instruments – violin, clarinet and piano – with two revolutionary electronic instruments: the Seaboard midi keyboard and the Mater, an electro-acoustic percussion instrument developed by the ensemble itself. This combination offers adventurous composers a treasure trove of possible sounds. The programme presents five pieces specially written for Resilience by an international array of composers.


Gerardo Gozzi - “Se ’l mie rozzo martello i duri sassi forma...”
Pablo Galaz Salamanca – new work
Pierre Alexandre Tremblay - asinglewordisnotenough II (aria da capo)
Boris Bezemer – new work
Rubens Askenar - No No


Marco Danesi - clarinet
Winnie Huang - violin
Paolo Gorini - piano and Seaboard
Tomek Szczepaniak - Mater
Pablo Galaz - sound

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