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Gaudeamus logos


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For 75 years Gaudeamus has drawn attention to the music of tomorrow. Music without borders or earmuffs: it’s a rare source of inspiration, that designers have shaped and visualised in very different ways over the last 75 years.

At the top of this page you see four logos of Gaudeamus throughout the years. This was one of our first logos, designed by world famous Utrecht-based visual artist Dick Bruna.

Going through the history of Gaudeamus, you get a fascinating insight in how design changed throughout the years:

How do you visualise unheard sounds? For a vinyl record from 1971 with live recordings of the interpreters competition of that year, this abstract colour combination was chosen.

This is how Gaudeamus looked in the last 18 years, culminating in the poster of the Gaudeamus Muziekweek 2020, in which elements were used from several posters from the years before.