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Call for works: towards a new concert practice

Gaudeamus calls on recently graduated musicians and composers to submit program proposals that deal with concert practices in an innovative way. The results will be presented during the Gaudeamus Muziekweek 2020.

We are curious about ideas that change the structure of a concert. How can you change the experience of audience by changing theatrical and dramaturgical elements in your performance? How do you relate to the audience, how do you use your body and space? These are some questions that can be addressed to tell a musical story in a new way.

For this call, there are three locations that you can submit a plan for: Sonnenborgh, Koffie Leute and Touchstone. Write a plan how you want to use one of these locations in your concert program. The selected people can work out their ideas together with a professional of their choice during a workshop in August 2020. You can indicate with whom you would like to work.


  • A proposal of up to 400 words
  • A programme of max. 30 minutes
  • Soloists and formations up to five musicians can submit
  • We offer a performance fee of € 250 per person
  • You graduated a maximum of 3 years ago
  • We start from dramaturgical and theatrical elements; technical / production possibilities are limited.

If you have any questions, you may contact

Sonnenborgh is an authentic 19th-century observatory with three telescopic domes, built on a 16th-century bastion. Today, the observatory is used as a museum and as a visitor you can view the special building and learn everything about our planetary system. For this call, a space is used in the Bastion which can be seen in the photos. A room with a lot of reverberation and different angles, holes and stairs.

Koffie Leute
Koffie Leute is a homely and cozy coffee shop on the Oosterkade specialized in filter coffee. In addition to their enormous expertise in the field of coffee, they have an enormous love for music. For this call they open one of their spaces of their coffee shop. This has a number of couches, but is freely divisible.

Touchstone is a wharf cellar on the Oudegracht that is now being used as a music studio. It is a place where artists and audience can meet each other in an intimate setting. The term touchstone refers to the works of other artists that form a goal that you aim for within your own work. This space is isolated and was previously used as a recording studio. It therefore has quite dry acoustics.





1 May: deadline call
15 May: announcement selection
August: workshop
13 September: concert