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Music and sport come together in this music theatre production which explores the extent to which we can create our own happiness. Can human beings achieve happiness through sport? Can you banish the pangs of love by working out? Our search for the sublime feeling of happiness begins at the fitness centre. To the rhythm of the rattling gym equipment a trombone orchestra works its fingers to the bone, cheered on by two lyric sopranos delivering a Kantian pep talk. And all of this simultaneously: in order to become as happy as possible.

Liebesleid is a fitness centre opera for sportsmen, singers, gym equipment, and an utterly miserable actress.

Dutch spoken

Huba de Graaff also gives a lecture about music theatre productions.

Photo © Bowie Verschuuren


Huba de Graaff

Soetkin Demey - actrice
Caroline Cartens - sopraan
Merlijn Runia - mezzo sopraan

Extra sportsmen
Lucia Kiel - zang
Remi Lebocey
Sarah Gielen

CodArts trombone students
Fabian Vos
Mario Montes
Catalin Tavi
Manel Igualada Fernandez
Don Kow
Sophie Graven
Junior Huigen
Alejandro Antoniolo
Nir Fishkin
Berend van Gurp
Alex Forriols Gonzalez
Simao Ribeiro
Salvatore Cuccaro