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From the start, fruitful contacts were established with organizations abroad, which led to collaborations and exchanges.

ISCM, EPCNM, IAMIC…. The history of 75 years of Gaudeamus is also a history of abbreviations. This is because Gaudeamus not only established its own festival and organisation, but from the get go was very active in establishing and supporting national and international structures in which contemporary music could thrive. Thus, various national and international networks cooperations were set up, many of which are still active today. In addition to these networks, Gaudeamus maintains numerous other international contacts spread all over the world. Below is an overview of some of the many international connections that Gaudeamus established or supported.

ISCM members

ISCM – International Society for Contemporary Music. 

The ISCM was founded in 1922 and brings together contemporary music organisations from (currently) more than 50 countries in the annual ISCM World (New) Music Days. Its members are festivals and national sections. In 1974 Gaudeamus took over the secretariat of the Dutch Section; Chris Walraven and Henk Heuvelmans were both secretary-general for a long time or held other board positions. The World Music Days were organized in the Netherlands, for the last time, in 1985 and 1989 (by Gaudeamus). Walter Maas and Chris Walraven were appointed honorary members. Since 2017, the Dutch Section has been represented by Nieuwe Geneco.

2002 | Field study visit to mainland China by the Executive Committee of ISCM

2005 | Visit to Tatarstan where the Dutch ensemble Ziggurat went on tour through Russia.
Henk Heuvelmans, Ramon Anthin, Rashid Kalimullin, cultural attaché Alfred Bijlsma

2005 | Henk Heuvelmans and Ivo Josipovic sign the contract for the ISCM World (New) Music Days in Zagreb. Josipovic became the President of Croatia a few years later.

2012 | ISCM ExCom in Belgium Henk Heuvelmans, John Davis and Kjartan Olafsson

2001 | Bèr Deuss and Henk Heuvelmans at the IMC General Assembly in Egypt

IMC – International Music Council of UNESCO. 

The IMC was founded in 1949 and brings together all music organizations in the world. For a long time, contemporary music was represented within it by Gaudeamus, which itself was a member but at the same time also represented other international organizations such as ISCM, IAMIC or ECPNM. In 1991 Gaudeamus was awarded the UNESCO / IMC Music Prize for its commitment to contemporary music. The biannual World Music Forum and the International Rostrum of Composers are important activities.

2003 | Montevideo, Uruguay, for the 30th IMC General Assembly.

1991 | Gaudeamus awarded UNESCO / IMC Music Prize

2003 | Henk Heuvelmans in Montevideo, Uruguay, for the 30th IMC General Assembly

ICEM – International Confederation of Electroacoustic Music.

The ICEM was founded in 1981 and (currently) brings together organizations and national sections from 16 countries in the field of electro-acoustic music. In 1984 Gaudeamus brought the Vereniging PEM (Producers of Electronic Music) back to life, which then became the Dutch Section of ICEM. Meetings were held annually during the IMEB festivals in Bourges, France. From 1984 to 2007, ICEM and UNESCO / IMC organized the bi-annual International Rostrum for Electroacoustic Music (hosted by Gaudeamus in 1996). Currently the Institute of Sonology is the Dutch member of ICEM.

1999 | IAMIC Delegation in Sydney

IAMIC – International Association of Music Information Centers. 

Founded in 1959, the IAMIC brings together a large number (currently 43) of national music information centers, mostly focused on contemporary music. Gaudeamus was an active member from 1990 to 2012, mainly because of its large international documentation center and its international programme of the Gaudeamus Muziekweek.

IAMIC Delegations

ECPNM – European Conference of Promotors of New Music.

The ECPNM was founded in 1982 by Gaudeamus, among others, and brought together many European festivals and ensembles. In annual meetings, symposia discussed relevant topics in contemporary music, such as copyright, radio programming, co-productions and European subsidies, and co-productions and competitions were set up. From the start Gaudeamus has been its secretariat. ECPNM stopped to exist in 2020.

EFA – European Festival Association.

The EFA was founded in 1952 and (currently) brings together more than 100 music, dance, theater and multidisciplinary festivals from 38 countries. Within EFA, contemporary music was mainly represented by ECPNM; ECPNM (and thus also Gaudeamus) was active within EFA from 2000 to 2015. Gaudeamus now carries the EFFE label (Europe for Festivals – Festivals for Europe).

EFA members at the European Commission in 2008 to sign a treaty on Intercultural Dialogue, together with commissioner Jan Figel.

Ulysses Network

The Ulysses Network was founded in 2011 by Gaudeamus, among others, to improve the mobility of young composers and musicians in Europe.

Since 2012, the network’s activities have been financially supported by the European Commission. Every year Gaudeamus sets up various projects in collaboration with members within this network.

FACE – Festival Alliance of Contemporary music festivals in Europe.

In 2019 FACE was founded by Gaudeamus, among others, and brings together diverse European festivals for the purpose of sharing knowledge and co-productions. The network is still under construction and currently has 6 active members.


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