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New compositions commissioned by Gaudeamus

Every year Gaudeamus commissions many young music pioneers to compose new works. In this way the organization not only takes care of the creation of new music, but it is itself a customer, and attracts co-producers. Almost all the commissioned works are premiered during the Gaudeamus Muziekweek, and Gaudeamus subsequently does its utmost to promote repeat performances both at home and abroad.

Thanks to the support of the Performing Arts Fund, many brand-new projects will feature on the festival programme in 2018. Including new work by Aurélie Lierman in collaboration with But What About and a joint composition by Georgi Sztojanov and Manuel Sánchez García.

Under the name Vulnus, the trio Fors Seulement, consisting of recorder player / singer Irene Sorozábal, tenor / composer Georgi Sztojanov and composer Manuel Sánchez García is working on a music theatre project that will premiere during Gaudeamus Muziekweek 2018. They are developing the project during three residencies at Gaudeamus, during which they will give brief presentations to the general public. The first results can be seen on Sunday 22 April during Gaudeamus Sessies #19

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