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Gaudeamus Award 2019 Nominee

Kelley Sheehan

Kelley Sheehan is a Chicago-based composer and computer musician moving between acoustic, electronic, electro-acoustic, and performance art works. In any medium, her work broadly focuses on noise and interaction. Cacophony Magazine has described her work to be “frenetic, almost acrobatic.” Kelley has either performed or has been performed at numerous concert halls or art spaces such as the Experimental Sound Studios (Chicago), The Art Institute of Chicago, Constellation (Chicago), Banff Center for the Arts (Alberta) and The Tank (New York).

Recent Festivals + Residencies: MISE-EN Place Bushwick Residency, International Toy Piano Festival Artist-in-Residency, Composition Fellow atNief- Norf Summer Festival, Composer-in-Residence at EQ: Evolution of the String Quartet at Banff.

She is co-artistic director and performer of Noisebias, a contemporary ensemble as well as co-founder of The Plucky Plunkers, a improvisational music duo that is focused on commission and performing works for the toy piano and multimedia colloborations. As an advocate for New Music, she is Co-Artistic Director and Editor at Cacophony Magazine, a Chicago based magazine dedicated to the advocation of contemporary music making and performance.​